This article is about a/an Worm in Kamen Rider Kabuto.
For the sub-class this Worm belongs to, see Acarina Worm sub-class.

Acarina Worm (アキャリナワーム Akyarina Wāmu, 27): A Worm that is able to fire spikes from its body, drain human fluids via its tusks, and had a large hooked claw for its right hand. It is destroyed by Kabuto and Gatack's (Double) Rider Kick.

Kamen Rider G

Acarina Worm human (Shade)

The Shade member who became Acarina Worm in Kamen Rider G.

A member of Shade under Daido Oda transformed into Acarina Worm. He fought alongside Brachypelma Worm Viridis, Cochlea Worm, and Subst Worm, against Kamen Rider G who destroyed them all. Kamen Rider G