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This article is about a/an set of transformational implements in Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.
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Advent Cards (アドベントカード Adobento Kādo) are the cards used by the 13 Riders in Kamen Rider Ryuki and Kamen Rider Dragon Knight.

These cards can be scanned via Visors. There are a wide array of different Advent Cards that are attributed to each Rider. Some are unique, but most Riders share a select few amongst each other. With the exception of the Contract, Seal and Survive Cards, all Advent Cards are named with "(Blank) Vent".

These cards allows the Riders to summon their Contract/Advent Beasts as well as offensive and/or defensive weapons or use special abilities in their battles.

Advent Cards

Advent/Attack Vent

The Advent (アドベント Adobento) Card is a card any of the 13 Riders that have a Contract Monster/Advent Beast has access to. This is used to summon their respective Advent Monsters, and is what their Contract Card turns into once they Contract with a Monster. If this card is stolen or the Monster destroyed, a Rider's armor will revert to its blank form. It is renamed Attack Vent in Dragon Knight, although in the games its name remains as Advent.

Sword Vent

A Sword Vent (ソードベント Sōdo Bento) Card allows 6 of the 13 Riders to summon a sword-like weapon. Interestingly, the weapon summonned resembles certain body parts of their Contract/Advent Beasts, while Ryuki/Dragon Knight Survive's Sword Vent is a blade that extends from the top of his Drag Visor Zwei and Knight/Wing Knight Survive's Sword Vent is a part of his Dark Visor Zwei.

Strike Vent

A Strike Vent (ストライクベント Sutoraiku Bento) Card allows 7 of the 13 Riders to summon a gauntlet-like weapon. Like the Sword and Guard Vent Cards, the gauntlet summoned resembles certain body parts of their Contract Monsters/Advent Beasts, usually their head or arms. Some of them can even launch projectiles.

Guard Vent

A Guard Vent (ガードベント Gādo Bento) Card allows 7 of the 13 Riders to summon a shield. Like the Sword and Strike Vent Cards, the shield summoned resembles certain body parts of their Contract Monsters/Advent Beasts.

Shoot Vent

A Shoot Vent (シュートベント Shūto Bento) Card allow 3 of the 13 Riders to summon firearm-like weapon. The summoned weapons for Zolda/Torque resemble parts of Magnugiga's body, while for Ryuki/Dragon Knight and Knight/Wing Knight, who get these Cards while in Survive Form, Ryuki/Dragon Knight Survive's Shoot Vent lets him shoot fireballs from his Drag Visor Zwei along with Dragranzer in the Meteor Bullet attack and Knight/Wing Knight Survive's Shoot Vent lets him fire arrows from his Knight Visor Zwei. Zolda's shoulder-mounted Giga Cannon was renamed Launch Vent for Torque, though its card still read "Shoot Vent".

Nasty Vent

The Nasty Vent (ナスティベント Nasuti Bento) Card allows Knight/Wing Knight to summon Darkwing/Blackwing to use a supersonic screech attack.

Trick Vent

The Trick Vent (トリックベント Torikku Bento) card allows Knight/Wing Knight in both forms and Ryuki/Dragon Knight in Survive mode to make 4 illusion copies of themselves.

Blust (Blast) Vent

The Blast Vent (ブラストベント Burasuto Bento) Card allows Knight/Wing Knight Survive to summon Darkraider/Blackraider to fire a pair of tornadoes from the turbines on his wings.

Swing Vent

The Swing Vent (スイングベント Suingu Bento) Card allows Raia/Sting to summon a whip that resembles Evildiver's tail.

Copy Vent

The Copy Vent (コピーベント Kopī Bento) Card allows Raia/Sting to create a copy of the weapon his opponent is using, or by Verde/Camo to copy his opponents appearence (with weapons).

Unite Vent

The Unite Vent (ユナイトベント Yunaito Bento) Card allows Ouja/Strike to combine Venosnaker, Metalgelas, and Evildiver into Genosider/Cerebeast.

In Dragon Knight, the card's design was modified and reused for the Link Vent card created by Eubulon, which allows the 13 Riders to combine the power of all 13 Final Vents and unleash it into one condensed attack. These cards were used to destroy Xaviax.

Freeze Vent

The Freeze Vent (フリーズベント Furīzu Bento) Card allows Tiger/Axe to temporarily immobilize another Rider or a Rider's Advent Monster.

Spin Vent

The Spin Vent (スピンベント Supin Bento) Card allows Imperer/Spear to summon a dual spear-like weapon that resembles Gigazelle's horns.

Hold Vent

The Hold Vent (ホールドベント Hōrudo Bento) Card allows Verde/Camo to summon a bolas-like weapon that resembles Biogreeza's eyes.

Clear Vent

The Clear Vent (クりアーベント Kuriā Bento) Card allows Verde/Camo to turn invisible.

Time Vent

The Time Vent (タイムベント Taimu Bento) Card allows Odin/Wrath to send himself or someone else back in time (it was never used by Wrath nor seen in his possession).

Strange Vent

The Strange Vent (ストレンジベント Sutorenji Bento) Card allows any of the 13 Riders to use 1 random Advent Card of any kind (typically one from their opponent's deck). Once slotted, the card turns into the other card as the slotter opens, and must be slotted again to activate the copied card. It was only used by Ryuki/Dragon Knight Survive.

Confine Vent

The Confine Vent (コンファインベント Konfain Bento) Card allows any of the 13 Riders to nullify the effect of an Advent Card of a Rider for one round. It was only used by Gai/Thrust.

Return Vent

The Return Vent (リターンベント Ritān Bento) Card is used to reactivate the effect of a negated card. It was intended to be an Advent Card that would counter Confine Vent, but it didn't appear in the series.

Steal Vent

The Steal Vent (スチールベント Suchīru Bento) Card allows any of the 13 Riders to steal another Rider's weapon.

Seal and Contract Cards

The Seal (シール Shīru) and Contract (コントラクト Kontorakuto) Advent Cards are used by each of the Riders when they are starting out and are given a choice: to either seal away a Mirror Monster, or make a contract with it and make it their Contract Monster/Advent Beast.


The Survive (サバイブ Sabaibu) Advent Card allows any of the 13 Riders to assume their powered up Survive forms, but only three Survive Cards exist, with one being unused. In Dragon Knight, it's said that each Rider has their own Survive Mode card, but only Wing Knight and Dragon Knight's were seen. The only Riders to use these are:

  • Survive Rekka (サバイブ 烈火 Sabaibu Rekka, lit. "Raging Fire"): Ryuki/Dragon Knight, Tiger (S.I.C.) and Ryuga (S.I.C.)
  • Survive Shippu (サバイブ 疾風 Saibabu Shippū, lit. "Hurricane"): Raia (never used), Knight/Wing Knight, Ouja (S.I.C.)
  • Survive Mugen (サバイブ 無限 Saibabu Mugen, lit. "Infinite"): Odin (never used)

Accele Vent

The Accele Vent (アクセルベント Akuseru Bento) (Speed Vent in Dragon Knight) Card allows Alternative and Alternative Zero/Advent Master to move at high speeds.

Wheel Vent

The Wheel Vent (ホイールベント Hoīru Bento) Card allows Alternative and Alternative Zero to transform Psycorogue into its motorcycle form, Psycoroader. As the Advent Master has no Contract to Psycorogue in Dragon Knight, he doesn't posses this card.

Final Vent

The iconic Final Vent (ファイナルベント Fainaru Bento) Card allows any of the 13 Riders to execute a powerful finishing attack unique to each of them by combining their powers with their Mirror Monster.

Ryuki Attack Ride Cards

When Kamen Rider Decade transforms into Ryuki, he does not use Ryuki's Advent Cards and the Drag Visor, instead using his own special Ryuki Attack Ride Cards which are based off of Ryuki's Advent Cards. As with all of Decade's Rider Cards, they are inserted into his Decadriver belt.


The Advent Cards, along with the other Rider Powers, were stolen from Ryuki by Amadum in the world within the Magic Stone, who explained that they were already his due to the Riders' powers being from the same source as evil. However, the power was soon returned thanks to the appearance of Kamen Rider Gaim, with the return of the Advent Cards immediately transforming Ryuki into Survive Form. Neverending Story

Arms Weapon

Gaim Ryuki Arms

Gaim Ryuki Arms

The Drag Saber is the Arms Weapon wielded by either an Armored Rider or a New Generation Rider when they transform into Ryuki Arms, which is assumed by Kamen Rider Gaim in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.


  • These are the first Collectible Devices in Kamen Rider history, as well as the first of three collectibles to be in the form of cards, followed by Rouze Cards and Rider Cards.
  • Regardless of whoever scans the cards into their Visors, so long as the owner is still around, the weapon will gravitiate to the original user. With Final Vents, the principle is presumably the same, with the original owner performing his Finishing Move. This is shown when Shinji/Kit scans Kitaoka/Drew's cards for him, and Zolda/Torque's weapons go to Kitaoka/Drew instead of him.
  • The Advent Cards seem to have a similar function to the Gosei Cards from Tensou Sentai Goseiger as both sets of cards allow the main heroes to either summon weapons, use attacks, or summon their animal based mechs they are themed after.

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