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Advent Void 2

Advent Void with Vented Rider capsule

The Advent Void is the alternate dimension where Kamen Riders are sent after losing a battle, simply called "Getting Vented", in the Kamen Rider Dragon Knight series.

It's used as an alternative to the principle that defeated Riders are "eaten" by their opponent's Contract Beast or dissolve in Mirror World that was used in Dragon Knight's original Japanese counterpart, Kamen Rider Ryuki.

The Advent Void was designed as a fail safe in case a Rider has been badly injured, leaving them there to recover until Advent Master Eubulon could retrieve them. This allows them to fight without having to worry about being taken out physically. However, Eubulon has the only means of directly accessing and returning from the Advent Void, his unique Advent Deck called the Void Key. After Eubulon disappeared following his fight with Xaviax, the Advent Void ended up trapping the Ventaran & Earth Riders rather than simply saving them, thus making the war a fight for survival. When Eubulon returned, He was able to free the Ventaran riders and Kit as Xaviax was in the final step of his plan to abduct Earth's population. After Xaviax was destroyed, Eubulon freed the other Earth Riders and altered their memories of being Riders .


  • Len refers to the Advent Void as "the world between the Mirrors" implying that it's the empty white space that the Kamen Riders traverse to get to and from Ventara, but when Eubulon retrieves the original Ventaran Riders and Kit, the Advent Void is a multicolored space containing pods with the Vented Kamen Riders asleep inside them.

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