This article is about a/an character in Kamen Rider Agito.

Claiming to be a housekeeper sent by Professor Misugi, Aki Sakaki (榊 亜紀 Sakaki Aki) was sent by her fellow Akatsuki members to investigate Shouichi, eventually claiming herself to be his highschool sweetheart when pressed to the way.

She also encounters Ryo, to whom she denied being aboard the Akatsuki before forced to reveal the truth about it. However, before she could tell Ryo the full truth, having feelings for him, he was attacked by Hojo and his group. Believing Ryo to be dead, Aki's powers begin to manifest as she makes her way to Masumi and have him print out everything on the Agito Capture Plan and going after those involved. But before that, she encounters Tetsuya who accelerated her power's evolution. As a result, she became corrupted by it and started to use her psychic powers to murder those involved in the Agito Capture Plan while evading the Jaguar Lords. While attempting to kill Hojo, learning that Ryo was still alive, she was attacked by Pantheras Rubeo. Though she escaped him with aid from Gills, Aki is ambushed by Pantheras Magistra who snaps her neck. By the time Agito found her dead body, Ryo arrived at the scene and assumed Agito had murdered Aki, starting a series of heated battles until the two could finally make peace.