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Kamen Rider Amaki (仮面ライダー天鬼 Kamen Raidā Amaki, lit. "Heavenly Demon", Masked Rider Amaki) is a character in the 2009 Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider Decade. Amaki appears in the World of Hibiki, but was not present in Kamen Rider Hibiki as Kamen Rider Amaki.


Akira (あきら) is Ibuki's apprentice and his Ongekidō: Ibuki Style (音撃道・威吹鬼流 Ongekidō: Ibuki Ryū) as one of his best students. During Gyuki's rampage, she transforms into Amaki and fights alongside Todoroki in order to save their friend Asumu, all without Ibuki's permission. Braving his displeasure later, she and Todoroki convince Ibuki and Zanki that combining the three schools would be the best thing for the future of Ongekidō. With Tsukasa's help, they convince their masters, and she is promoted from apprentice to teacher. However, she later ends up in the World of the Rider War with Asumu and Todoroki before being killed off by Saga.

She is then seen along with Todoroki and Asumu in Kamen Rider Decade: Final Chapter, after Kiva-la destroys Decade and his sacrifice revives all the lost worlds.


Oni Form

In this form, Amaki is a blue Oni. To assume this form, Akira blows into her whistle and air gathers around her like a tornado, causing her body to transform into that of an Oni. Amaki also gains a second "oni face" which is a crest that forms on her forehead. In Decade, Amaki resembles Ibuki, except for being shorter with lighter blue coloring. In the S.I.C toy line, Amaki ("Transformed Akira") has silver instead of gold armor and accessories.


Kamen Rider Amaki

Amaki playing her trumpet

Just like Ibuki, Akira was given the ability to transform into Amaki within the Transformation Whistle - Onteki (変身鬼笛・音笛 Henshin Onibue Onteki, lit. "Sound Whistle") by using special sound waves. She blows into the whistle and places it in front of her forehead forming an Oni face as a whirlwind covers her as she transforms.

Along with Ibuki Style's Ongeki Weapon, the Ongekikan - Reppu (音撃管・烈風 Ongekikan - Reppū, Lit. "Sound Attack Tube: Gale") usually used in its "gun mode" it fires Oniishi which shells out a heavy amount of damage to the enemy. For her finisher, Amaki fires charged Oniishi into the Makamou prior to connecting the Ongekimei: Narukaze (音撃鳴・鳴風 Ongekimei: Narukaze, lit. "Sound Attack Echo: Crying Wind") and a mouthpiece that completes Reppu's "trumpet mode" to perform the Ongekisha: Shippu Issen (音撃射・疾風一閃 Ongekisha: Shippū Issen, lit. "Sound Attack Shoot: Gale Flash"), the Oniishi are then ignited by Sound of Purification through the Reppū as Amaki inhales deeply then begins blowing through the trumpet. The waves of wind and sound engulf the large Makamou, reacting to the tracking shots fired by Amaki before the initial attack. Finally the trumpet creates a large wave which destroys the Makamou.


  • Unlike the original Akira Amami, her full name was never revealed by Toei.
  • She is the first Female Kamen Rider that is still living by the end of her respective series.
  • Her character in Kamen Rider Decade is a mix of some of the main female characters in the original series: