This article is about a/an character in Kamen Rider Ghost.
Gender: Female
Series: Kamen Rider Ghost
Ally Type: Mother
Homeworld: World of Gamma
First Appearance: Horrible! Disappearing World!
Last Appearance: TBA
Number of Episode
Full list of appearances
Actor: Reon Kadena

Alicia (アリシア Arishia)[1] is the departed queen of the World of Gamma.

Character History

Old Gamma World

Alicia watches over the Gamma World with her husband and children.

Little is known about Alicia other than she was the wife of Adonis and the mother of their four children. Horrible! Disappearing World! She died from disease sometime after the Gamma royal family came to the Gamma World, followed by her oldest child, Argos. Opposition! Father & Daughter! Conciliation! All Resolutions! Gather! Chain of Grief! Her death would lead the widowed Adonis to try and create a perfect world free from death, leading to the development of the Gamma's Eyecon System. Amazing! The Gamma's World!


  • Adonis - Husband
  • Argos - First-born son and child, Kamen Rider Dark Ghost/Kamen Rider Extremer
  • Alia - Only daughter, second-born child, Kamen Rider Dark Necrom P
  • Adel - Second-born son, third-born child, Perfect Gammaizer
  • Alain - Third-born son, fourth-born child, Kamen Rider Necrom

Behind the scenes


Alicia is portrayed by Reon Kadena (かでな れおん Kadena Reon), who also portrays her daughter Alia.



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