Anime (アニメ) is a style of animation originating in Japan, characterized by colorful graphics and often featuring themes intended for an adult audience. The word is the Japanese abbreviated pronunciation of "animation." The intended meaning of the term sometimes varies depending on the context.

The original base for some its art style origniates from emulating the art of American cartoons of the 1930s, such as Walt Disney cartoon shorts. This is why some characters are portayed with the recognizeable large oval eyes the genre is known for to this very day.

While the Kamen Rider Series is primarily a tokusatsu franchise, several Kamen Rider anime productions have appeared, such as Kamen Rider SD and the Imagin Anime. The Kamen Rider Series has also had two crossovers with the anime series Crayon Shin-chan, during Kamen Rider Den-O and Kamen Rider Fourze respectively.

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