This article is about a/an rider form used by several identities in the Kamen Rider Series.
Kamen Rider Another Agito

Another Agito

Another Agito (アナザーアギト Anazā Agito) may refer to any of the following characters.


While in the TV series, Koji did not become an Agito and relinquished his Seed of Agito, in the Kamen Rider Gills SIC Hero Saga; Koji regains his seed from Ryo and becomes a less flawed version of Another Agito before assuming a perfect Kamen Rider Agito Burning Form. His similar appearance to Agito Ground Form is likely due to being a less-imperfect Agito.


Koji as Another Agito

Unlike Kaoru Kino's Another Agito, Koji's version was shaped more similarly to Agito's Ground Form with a gold colored Ank point. However, Koji lost control of himself and attacked Ryo.


Kamen Rider Another Agito Burning Form

During the fight with Gills, Another Agito unlocked a dormant power that allowed him to evolved into a perfect Kamen Rider Agito while in Burning Form. The appearance is drastically different from the base form with purple coloring and silver armor similar to Agito's Shining form. The cape-like extensions from the back turn black. The Ank point also changes to a powered up form similar to Agito's Altered Ring with the Wiseman's stone turning gold. Barely surviving the fight, Gills manages to absorb the power of Burning Form as Gills Exceed and return Koji to normal.


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