This article is about a/an Orphnoch in Kamen Rider 555.
Episode: Faiz 2
Season: Kamen Rider 555
Height: 208 cm
Weight: 120 kg
Actor: Kazuma Kurihara
Sloth Orphnoch

Aonuma (青沼) is one of the Ryusei School students. At one point he looks harmless but his true nature is revealed to be the Sloth Orphnoch (スロースオルフェノク Surōsu Orufenoku). He has nocturnal vision and has three claws on each wrist.


During the Ryusei School reunion, he along with Kitazaki (Dragon Orphenoch) had involved in the slaughter of his classmates. He was killed by Takumi Inui in Wolf Orphnoch form with a punch.

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