This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Super-1.

ArigiThunder (アリギサンダー Arigisandā, 7): An ant Dogma monster.


Arigisandar of Dogma Revenge Corps

ArigiThunder of the Dogma Revenge Corps.

He was a former street boxer who was tempted to become a cyborg under promises of power from Megaru Shogun. His plan was to kidnap children with a brain wave pattern that synchronizes with a living computer program created by captured scientist Dr. Yamazaki so that Dogma could hypnotically control all the children in the world. Super-1 weakens his armor by heating it with his Hot/Cold Hand (flamethrower) and letting Arigisandaa's minions douse it with water causing it to crack from rapid cooling. He is then destroyed by an onslaught of Super-1's Super Rider Double Kick, Super Rider Forward Roll Kick, and finally Super-1's Super Rider Sun Kick. Dogma Equation, the Living Computer

He was later revived as part of the Dogma Revenge Corps (ドグマ復讐兵団 Doguma Fukushū Heidan, movie) and destroyed by Kamen Rider X.


His right hand is a giant mace that easily smashes through brick walls and he can spray green formic acid from his antennae. He also assumes a boxer stance while fighting and has near impenetrable armor.

Behind the scenes


ArigiThunder was voiced by Tatsuyuki Jinnai and portrayed by an unidentified suit actor. His human form was portrayed by Sakae Kimura.