This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Black.

Armadillo Mutant (アルマジロ怪人 Arumajiro Kaijin) (29) is an armadillo Gorgom monster.


Armadillo Mutant was used by Gorgom to end the space explorations once and for all. Under Gorgom's orders, it copied the 4 selected astronauts (consisting of Mochizeki, Kiyoi, Kasuga, and Katsumi's old friend Kimie Tadokoro), having them hijack the controls of the shuttle, and crashing it into NASA Headquarters. When Kyoko found out that the Kimie she was with was an imposter, she was captured by Armadillo Mutant which gave the Three High Priests another attempt to awaken Shadow Moon only for her to be freed by Bilgenia alongside the real Kimie. Kohtaro heads out only to fall into Bilgenia trap with Kohtaro trapped in a phone booth and Kyoko and Kimie chained to a tree until Armadillo Mutant attacked. Kamen Rider Black got away with Kimie (which later turned out to be the fake one) and Kyoko. Kohtaro fell into another of Bilgenia's traps when the other fake astronauts attack until Armadillo Mutant attacked and High Priest Darom told Bilgenia to withdraw and leave everything to Armadillo Mutant. Kohtaro became Kamen Rider Black and destroyed the fake astronauts. Armadillo Mutant unwittingly led Kamen Rider Black to the cave where the real astronauts were being held where they were freed during battle. Once Armadillo Mutant was killed by the Rider Kick, the fake Kimie fell apart.


It can roll into a ball, spray foam from its mouth that can transfer one's duplicated faces, emotions, and personalities into look-a-like mannequins, and shoot electricity from its eyes.