This article is about a/an group of Kaijin in Kamen Rider V3.
Armored Division

The Armored Division (ヨロイ一族 Yoroi Ichizoku) is the fourth and last group of Destron Inhumanoids. This is the Destron group led by Marshal Armor. They are the most powerful monsters used by Destron:


  • Garumazillon (ガルマジロン Garumajiron, 41) - An armadillo monster. Destroyed by V3's V3 Revolving Full Kick.
  • Katatsublar (カタツブラー Katatsuburā, 42) - A snail monster. Destroyed by V3's V3 Kick.
  • Sickle-Neck Turtle (カマクビガメ Kamakubi Game, 43 & 44) - A turtle monster that can extend his neck. Destroyed by V3's V3 Escape Power.
  • Rhinoceros Tank (サイタンク Sai Tanku, 45 & 46) - A rhinoceros monster. Destroyed by V3's V3 Tailspin Kick.
  • Coelacanth Kid (シーラカンスキッド Shīrakansu Kiddo, 47) - A coelacanth monster who transformed into Destron Riderman in attempt to ruin the reputation of the real Riderman and to lead Shiro Kazami into a trap. Destroyed by V3's Certain Kill Tailspin Kick.
  • Thorned Starfish (オニヒトデ Oni Hitode, 48) - A starfish monster. Destroyed by V3's V3 Triple Kick.
  • Chameleon (カメレオン Kamereon, 49) - A chameleon monster.
  • Vampire Chameleon (吸血カメレオン Kyūketsu Kamereon, 50) - A chameleon monster with blood-sucking ability. Destroyed by V3's V3 Revolving Full Kick.
  • Revived Destron Kaijin (再生デストロン怪人 Saisei Shokkā Kaijin, 52) Marshal Armor used several reconstructed Kaijin to ambush V3 in the Destron headquarters. They were easily defeated, but V3 ran into a dangerous trap right afterwards.


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