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Armored Captain Gatezone (機甲隊長ガテゾーン Kikōtaichō Gatezōn) is a character from the Kamen Rider Series, Kamen Rider Black RX.

Fictional character biography

In charge of Robot unit, he took to fight Black RX occasionally. He is armed with a double-barreled laser blaster and a powerful motorcycle called Storm Dagger. Gatezone had the ability to detach his own head from his body. His body could still move on its own without his head. In his final episode, he died fighting Black RX while attempting a suicide bomb (with his head separated from his body) attack, with only his head remaining before it was shattered by his own laser beams reflected at him by Black RX.


  • Gatezone has similar traits with and was probably a basis for Chase, a character from Kamen Rider Drive.
    • Both of them are robots that ride motorcycles and use guns as their main weapons.
    • Both of them are rivals to the respective main heroes of their series. Coincidentally, both main heroes of these series drive a car.
    • Mashin Chaser's appearance is single-eyed, just like Gatezone is.

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