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Attack of the No-Men
Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight, Episode 27
KRDK Vic00
Air date October 10, 2009 (United States), August 5, 2009 (Brazil)
Written by Colin Gillis
Directed by John Fasano
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Kamen Rider Wrath (episode)
A Dragon Caged

Attack of the No-Men is the twenty-seventh episode of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.


Maya recruits Trent and his friends to hack into the No Men's system in order to rescue Kit from his imprisonment. Len and Kase must deal with dangerous enemies without Kit's help when Wrath and Strike attack once again.


Maya returns to the bookstore, is shocked by the damage done and then confronted by Michelle who tells her not to interfere anymore. After Trent and Lacey return, Maya explains to them about Kit being captured and asks for Trent's help in finding him. Trent then calls two of his friends to help hack the No-Men's Database and find out where Kit is being held. Kit is released from his cell to fight a mirror monster so the No-Men can see his armor and skills but is recaptured after the battle. While out looking for Kit, Len is confronted by Xaviax in Wrath's body while Kase goes up against Strike. Both manage to escape them and meet back at Kit's apartment. Kit awakens to find himself back in the jail cell.


to be added


  • This is the first time Wrath is seen in human form.

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