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"Barcode Warrior Decade!(Decadriver activation and standby noise)"
―Activation announcement[src]

"Gachan! Level Up! Destroyer! Sekai no Hakaisha! Barcode Warrior!(Decadriver opening/closing noise)(Dangerous Zombie-styled song)"
Level 2 announcement[src]

"A Gacha! Touri Sugaru Sekai Meguru Onore Decade!(Kamen Ride: Decade transformation noise)(Taddle Quest-styled song)"
Level 3 announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Barcode Warrior Critical Strike!"
―Gamer Driver finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! Barcode Warrior Critical Finish!"
―Weapon finisher announcement[src]

"Kimewaza! (Word from other Gashat's name) Decade Critical Finish!"
Gashacon Key Slasher finisher announcement[src]

Barcode Warrior Decade (バーコードウォーリアーディケイド Bākōdo U~ōriā Dikeido) is a video game based on Kamen Rider Decade. It also serves as the basis for the Barcode Warrior Decade Gashat.

Game Description

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"Tricks": Kamen Rider Genm

Barcode Warrior Decade was developed as part of a series of Heisei Rider Gashats by Genm Corp.. As part of CEO Kuroto Dan's ambition to gather the power of the legends preceeding his own Kamen Riders, they contributed to the completion of his Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing. Part. I: Legend Rider Stage

Decade Gamer

Barcode Warrior Decade Gashat

Barcode Warrior Decade Gashat

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  • The Gashat's Level 2 jingle is a remix of Dangerous Zombie's Level X jingle.
    • This may be a reference to both Decade and Dangerous Zombie being connected to the number "10" in one way or another.
  • The Gashat's Level 3 jingle is a remix of Taddle Quest's Level 2 jingle.
  • The Gashat's Level 3 announcement is a direct reference to Narutaki cursing Decade for the latter's actions.
  • If one removes the "bar" in Barcode Warrior, it makes the words "Code Warrior". CodeWarrior is an integrated development environment software which was used for the Sony PS2, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo GameCube and the original Playstation.
    • The Gashat's reference to "Barcode Warrior" also alludes to E-reader card games such as the Ganbaride arcade game series, which Decade started back in 2009. Most E-reader cards utilize a dot code or barcode imprint so scanners can read and input the data of each card.
    • It also refers to a 1991 handheld game Barcode Battler, one of the earliest examples of a barcode E-reader game that was very popular in Japan.


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