This article is about a/an kaijin in the reboot film series
which includes Kamen Rider The First and Kamen Rider The Next.
PDVD 013
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider The First
Villain Type: Subordinate
Field Captain
Affiliation: Shocker
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Kamen Rider The First
Last Appearance: Kamen Rider The First
Number of Episode
1 movie
Full list of appearances
Actor: Kanji Tsuda (The First)
PDVD 023

Bat (バット Batto): A field captain in the Shocker ranks, he is responsible for the "recruitment" (abduction) of potential Inhumanoid candidates. He is the only Shocker soldier depicted as being capable of flight. He is ultimately destroyed by Kamen Rider 1 and 2's Double Rider Kick.

Behind the scenes


The Bat was portrayed by Kanji Tsuda (津田 寛治 Tsuda Kanji). His suit actor was Makoto Arakawa (荒川 真 Arakawa Makoto).


Bat was based on Bat Man, who was the second kaijin to fight Kamen Rider in the original series. Unlike the Bat, the original Bat Man didn't fight Kamen Rider 2, as he had yet to be introduced in the series.

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