This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Stronger.

Bat Kikkaijin (コウモリ奇械人 Kōmori Kikkaijin, 17, 24 & 26): A bat monster. First he was tasked by Shadow to kill Stronger then after Titan revives, he kidnaps Yuriko and Tobei overseeing their execution at Black Satan's Rosepetal Minefield. He can spray corrosive blood from his mouth, can fly, and swing his wings to attack. He was Destroyed by Stronger's Stronger Electro Kick. Ghost Story, The Demonic Easter

Bat Kikkaijin was one of four dark cloak-wearing Kikkaijin that tormented a group of civilians in a nightmare induced on them by Kikkaijin Hasamigani while they were traveling on a locomotive. Bizarre! The Unmanned Train Runs!!

Bat Kikkaijin was part of group of Revived Kikkaijin born from a single Satan Bug. Posing as scrapped Kikkaijin in the Black Satan base, they attacked Stronger, Tackle and Tachibana. After a brief skirmish against Stronger, the revived Kikkaijin were reverted back to the Satan Bug. Seen!! The Great Leader's True Identity!!