This article is about a/an villain in Kamen Rider Hibiki.

The Black Puppets are a type of Douji/Hime beings seemingly cloned from the Woman, garbed in black hats and trenchcoats and carrying a large clock and bugle-tipped staff. Initially appearing to only be a single entity, it is later revealed that many Black Puppets exist. They are given the task of creating the parent Douji and Hime for Giant-Type Makamou. They take a vial containing a special liquid and some trace of the animal the intended Makamou is based on, inserting it into the head of the staff, before stabbing its end into the ground, the vial draining into the ground and the Douji and Hime growing from the earth. The Black Puppets controlled by the Woman were provided with small spiked balls to feed to Douji and Hime to allow them to take stronger armored forms.

Like the White Puppets, they are eventually purged by the Super Douji and Hime, who take over their role.