This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.

Brain Mite was a bluish imp monster with a pitchfork-like weapon. He can also shoot a beam from his head. When Count Dregon tried a new approach by attacking Dex from within his head, he had Nefaria sent the Maggots to implant Brain Mite into Dex's brain. Brain Mite then took over Dex's body while Dex was serving detention at school. While Brain Mite was doing his job, Count Dregon sent Nefaria to take over the internet in order to send an energy pulse that will turn anyone on the computer into Count Dregon's soldiers. At one point, Brain Mite even controlled Dex's speech, causing Dex to mouth off at Principal Chalmers. When Dex found out that Brain Mite is in him, he managed to put everyone in detention to sleep before transforming into Masked Rider and heading to the Leawood Sewer System to track down Nefaria. Dex tried to extract Brain Mite with his Super Blue power, but Brain Mite punctured Dex's brain, causing the Masked Rider to fall unconscious. Once Brain Mite came out, he was instructed to bring his body to Nefaria in order to extract the Masked Rider Powers. Masked Rider recovered upon turning into Super Blue and fought Brain Mite and the Commandoids. The fight ended up damaging the computers there. Masked Rider used his Blue Saber to deflect Brian Mite's attack. After destroying Brain Mite's pitchfork, Masked Rider deactivated his Super Blue powers and used his Electro Saber to disarm and destroy Brain Mite. Fits the theme of Nefaria's monsters.

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