This article is about a/an Insectovore in Saban's Masked Rider.
Episode: The Invasion of Leawood
Season: Masked Rider
Height: n/a cm
Weight: n/a kg
Actor: Bob Papenbrook

Bruticon is a bird-themed super-monster that was one of the strongest Insectovores in Dregon's army. He can shoot an electrical beam from his right claw and turn into energy. He ruled a galaxy that Count Dregon conquered. Dregon had sent a televised message to Masked Rider to face Bruticon, or else Dregon and his forces would invade Leawood. Bruticon was so powerful, in fact, that one Masked Rider alone wasn't enough to defeat it. King Lexian then decided to enlist the aide of the legendary Masked Rider Warriors, AKA the Masked Riders that came before Dex. It arrived on Earth in a ball of fire and attacked the Radio Astronemy Center on Harbor Island. When with Double Face, Bruticon prevented Dex from using his Electro Saber on him and overwhelmed him until the Masked Rider Warriors arrived. While the warriors dealt with Bruticon, Dex went one-on-one with Double Face. After Double Face retreated, Dex joined the fight against Bruticon. Bruticon proved too strong for even Super Gold, but Dex reasoned that perhaps Bruticon wasn't as tough on the inside as he was on the outside; he then used his Super Blue power to ride a torrent of water inside and destroy Bruticon from within.


  • In production order, the episode containing Bruticon was the final episode of Masked Rider, but in airing order, it was not.

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