This article is about a/an transformation gear in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
Bugster Buckle

Bugster Buckle

The Bugster Buckle (バグスターバックル Bagusutā Bakkuru) is an additional buckle device which allows the Gashacon Bugvisor to become the Buggle Driver (バグルドライバー Baguru Doraibā) when the Bugvisor is attached to the buckle. This is used by Kamen Rider Genm to transform into Zombie Gamer Level X.

The Bugster Buckle was previously worn by Graphite in his default Bugster form. For unknown reasons, Kuroto Dan also has one, possibly the same one previously worn by Graphite. It is possible that the Bugster Buckle is tied to the Gashacon Bugvisor through one way or another, as seen when Kuroto confiscated the Bugvisor from Graphite, the Buckle was no longer present on Graphite's Bugster form.