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Build Driver

Build Driver

"(Organic Fullbottle name)! (Inorganic Fullbottle name)! Best Match! Are you Ready?! (form announcement followed by name)! Yeahhh!"
―Best Match form transformation announcement[src]

"(Organic Fullbottle name)! (Inorganic Fullbottle name)! Are you Ready?! (funky music)"
―Trial Form transformation announcement[src]

"Cross-Z Dragon! Are you Ready? Wake up burning! Get CROSS-Z DRAGON! Yeah!"
―Cross-Z transformation announcement[src]

"Ready, go! Vortex Finish! Yeahhh!"
―Best Match finisher announcement[src]

"Ready, go! Vortex Attack!"
―Trial Form finisher announcement[src]

"Ready, go! Dragonic Finish!"
―Cross-Z finisher announcement[src]

The Build Driver (ビルドドライバー Birudo Doraiba) is the transformation device used by both Kamen Rider Build and Kamen Rider Cross-Z. It uses Fullbottles as its primary collectible device.[1]

According to Sento Kiryu, one must have a Hazard Level of 3 to be able to transform using the Build Driver. Otherwise, they'll get Electrified and rendered Unconscious



Kamen Rider Build transforms by inserting two Fullbottles into the Build Driver's Building Modules (ビルディングモジュール Birudingu mojūru) and plugging them into the Twin Fullbottle Slots. The user then turns the Vortex Lever (ボルテックレバー Borutekku rebā), a crank that generates power to the Vortex Charge (ボルテックチャージャー Borutekku chāji) energy core generator unit by turning the lever. This gives the Nitro Dynamo inside the Vortex Charge the momentum it needs to generate power for transformation and finishers. Larger amounts of energy can be generated by increasing the momentum of turning the VortexLever and rotation speed of the Vortex Charge.

In a rare instance for Rider Belts, in Episode 1, the inner workings of the Build Driver were seen during transformation. As the Vortex Lever and Vortex Charge turns, it moves the gears and pistons inside the belt which pump essence from the Fullbottles out of their containers through pneumatic tubes, which move out of the belt and form the base for assembly of the suit. If the user is transforming into a Best Match form, the Driver then initializes the Snap Ride Builder[2] (スナップライドビルダー Sunappu Raido Birudā) after the essences have hardened into the suit armor, snapping the two parts together and completing the transformation.

The Build Driver is layered in an alloy called the Safety Guard Case, designed to resist high temperatures, high impacts of force and attacks by the Smash. As a security feature, the belt uses the Qualifizer (クオリファイザー Kuorifaizā) fastener to do a biometric scan of its wearer to determine if it is the correct user. If it is not, the belt will not function and go into a protective shutdown state. If it is the user, the belt will continue to operate normally.

An ideal combination of two matching Fullbottles will create a Best Match (ベストマッチ Besuto Matchi) form, but any other imperfect combination is known as a Trial Form (トライアルフォーム Toraiaru Fōmu).

Kamen Rider Cross-Z transforms by inserting the Dragon Fullbottle into the CrossDragon, before inserting it into the Build Driver, and turning the crank.


While transformed, Build/Cross-Z initiates a finishing move by turning the Vortex Lever. Build's Best Matches use the Vortex Finish (ボルテックフィニッシュ Borutekku Finisshu), and Build's Trial Forms use the Vortex Attack (ボルテックアタック Borutekku Atakku). Cross-Z uses the Dragonic Finish (ドラゴニックフィニッシュ Doragonikku Finisshu).

Snap Ride Builders

Behind The Scenes


The voice of the Build Driver was provided by KORBY.[3]


  • The Build Driver is reminiscent of the Double Driver, using two differently themed devices to create a combination form.
    • It also shares some similarities with the Accel Driver, such as using the grip on the right side of the Driver to transform.
    • The design is also somewhat similar to the Gamer Driver and the Meteor Driver as both slots for the trinkets are on the left side of the driver instead of being on opposite sides while the right side has the rest of the controls.
    • The method of reading the Fullbottles in the toy version of the Driver is identical to the method of reading Shift Cars in the Shift Brace from Kamen Rider Drive, as both use a sliding pin-combination system.
  • The announcements are similar to those of Kamen Rider OOO and Ultraman GeedIcon-crosswiki as they both have the parts of the form announced before the actual form, and each/some of the forms have their own unique phrase included in the transformation.
  • In the Build Driver toy, the slots used for the Fullbottles in Best Matches don't matter, meaning that using Bottles in Rabbit-Tank and Tank-Rabbit placements will both give RabbitTank's announcement. Using Bottles in the opposite organic/inorganic slot hasn't been explored in the show, however.
  • The idea that the Build Driver was to eventually be a mass-produced weapon for the series antagonist can be seen as an homage to the first series to have used the term "Driver" for their transformation devices, Kamen Rider Faiz, as they implemented a mass-produced variant of a Rider.



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