This article is about a/an monster in Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.
Buzzstinger Hornet
Episodes: Dark Temptation
Calm Before the Storm
Dark Deception
For Ventara and Earth, Part 2
Season: Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight
Height: n/a cm
Weight: n/a kg

A red-armored hornet monster. It wields two needle-blade daggers. He assisted Xaviax's Mirror Monster minions in fighting Kamen Rider Wing Knight and Kamen Rider Siren. He was destroyed by Wing Knight's Final Vent. Another one accompanied a Buzzstinger Wasp and a Buzzstinger Bee. They were destroyed by the combination of Len and Price's Final Vent and Chance's Shoot Vent. Another Buzzstinger Hornet attacked Adam, Len, and Price alongside a Buzzstinger Wasp and a Buzzstinger Bee.

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