This article is about a/an set of monsters in Kamen Rider Ryuki.

Buzzstingers (バズスティンガー Bazusutingā) are humanoid monsters themed after bees that usually attack in groups. A trio of Buzzstingers (Hornet, Wasp, and Bee) first appear to target Mika, the only survivor of their attack on an ocean liner after being saved by Asakura to be used by him in order to feed his monsters. The trio used the "Trinity" attack to counter any Final Vent attack until they were all killed by Ouja's Veno Crash, Knight's Hishou Zan and Zolda's Giga Launcher from all three directions at once. Their essence was soon devoured by Venosnaker, Metalgelas, and Evildiver despite the prevention attempts from Darkwing owing to Dragreder's interference. Another pair of Buzzstingers (Broom and Frost) appeared in episode 37 to target Eri after she came out of her coma, but were destroyed by Knight and Ryuki Survive's Final Vents.