This article is about a/an Worm in Kamen Rider Kabuto.
KRKa-Camponotus Worm Maxilla
Camponotus Worm Maxilla
Episodes: Kamen Rider Kabuto: Birth! Gatack Hyper Form!!
Amazon, Friend
Season: Kamen Rider Kabuto
Height: 220 cm
Weight: 122 kg
Camponotus Worm Maxilla

Camponotus Worm Maxilla (カンポノタスワーム・マキシラ Kanponotasu Wāmu Makishira): A Worm able to extend the horn on its head and armed with two claws on each wrist. Destroyed by Hyper Kabuto's Hyper Kick.

Kamen Rider Decade

Camponotus Worm Maxilla appears as a member of Dai-Shocker in the World of Amazon. It is destroyed by Decade's Dimension Kick. Amazon, Friend

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