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Promotional Cards
A number of cards useable in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride based on Kamen Rider Kiva and his multiple forms.


  • Kiva Form
  • Garulu Form
  • Basshaa Form
  • Dogga Form
  • DoGaBaKi Form
  • Emperor Form


From Television Series

  • Darkness Moon Break (Kiva Form, AP:2500)
  • Howling Slash (Garulu Form, AP:2300)
  • Aqua Tornado (Basshaa Form, AP:2300)
  • Thunder Slap (Dogga Form, AP: 2300)
  • Darkenss Moon Break (DoGaBaKi Form, AP: 2400)
  • Emperor Moon Break (Emperor Form, AP: 2500)

Ganbaride Exclusive

  • Batty Punch- A Rider Punch used when jumping in the air and striking the opponent (Kiva Form, AP:2000)
  • Wolfen Full Moon- Imbued with Lunar energy Kiva strikes with a more powerful blow from the Garulu Saber (Garulu Saber, AP:2200)
  • Basshaa Finger- A quick pull on the Basshaa Magnum's trigger to launch fast and powerful water projectiles (Basshaa Form, AP: 1900)
  • Armor Hammer- A powerful strike from Dogga Hammer's heavy arm (Dogga Form, AP: 2100)
  • Gate Crasher- A powerful blow from the Garulu Saber enforced from the brute strength of DoGaBaKi Form (DoGaBaKi Form, AP:2200)

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