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Kiva and others

6 of the 13 races in their Battle Forms as seen in Kamen Rider Kiva

The 13 Demon Races (十三魔族 Jūsan Mazoku) are thirteen races of monsters in Kamen Rider Kiva that are based either off of classic horror film monsters or monsters from various mythologies. The known members of these collection of various species compose of the Kivats, Fangires, Wolfens, Mermens, Frankens, Dorans, Sagarcs, and Legendorgas Races, with five of the other Demon Races which haven't been seen.

Due to the Fangire's attacks on other races to prevent threats to them, some of the races are either nearly extinct, while others work in service to them.

In the non canon Kamen Rider Kiva: King of the Castle in the Demon World movie, the Legendorga Demon Race were wiped out in the end.

13 Demon Races


  • Although the Bat Fangire referred the Wolfen, Mermen and Franken races as nothing more than weak compared to the Fangires, they are needed for Kiva to become DoGaBaKi Emperor form which is arguably the strongest canon Kiva Rider.


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