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Chalice Arrow

The Rousing Bow Chalice Arrow (醒弓カリスアロー Seiyu Karisu Arō) is Chalice’s primary armament, which is a reproduction of the bow and arrow weapon originally used by Chalice the Mantis Undead with the added functionality when combined with the Chalice Rouzer. Being a genuine Undead weapon, the Chalice Arrow doesn't have the AP cache feature to replicate the effects of Rouze Cards (a staple within B.O.A.R.D's Rider System).


The Chalice Arrow's default form can fire arrows of high thermal energy called Force Arrows (フォースアロー Fōsu Arō) by mimicking the motion of pulling on a bowstring and releasing, making the Sword Bow (ソードボウ Sōdo Bō) bend to stimulate the drawing effect.

Blade Mode (ブレードモード Burēdo Mōdo) is the form that Chalice uses while in melee-ranged combat, where the Chalice Arrow's Sword Bow blades are used with great effect. The blades are apparently high-frequency blades, with the vibration rate of 300 million times per second.

Rousing Bow Mode (醒弓モード Seiyu Mōdo) is the form that combines the Chalice Rouzer with the Chalice Arrow, used as a means of compensation with a lack of B.O.A.R.D.'s Rider System. In this form, Chalice can scan Rouze Cards in the same fashion the other B.O.A.R.D. Riders can.

Rouze Combos

Spinning Wave

  • Cards Required: Chop Head (♥3) + Tornado Hawk (♥6)

Chalice's signature card combo; The combo enables Chalice's signature spinning chop attack, coupling ♥3's "CHOP" effect imbued with the wind-attribute of the ♥6's "TORNADO" effect.

Spinning Attack

  • Cards Required: Drill Shell (♥5) + Tornado Hawk (♥6)

The combo enables Chalice's spinning corkscrew kick, coupling ♥5's "DRILL" effect imbued with the wind-attribute of the ♥6's "TORNADO" effect.

Spinning Dance

  • Cards Required: Float Dragonfly (♥4) + Drill Shell (♥5) + Tornado Hawk (♥6)

This card combo enhances the "Spinning Attack" combo with the addition of ♥4's "FLOAT" effect .

Bio-Chop Combo

  • Cards Required: Chop Head (♥3) + Bio Plant (♥7)

The combo allows Chalice to tie up his opponent with a vine, pulling them to him and chopping them. First used against the Centipede Undead.

Wild Cyclone

  • Cards Required: Wild Card

Chalice's signature card combo while in Wild Chalice; enabling Chalice fire a high intensity beam from the Wild Rouzer. It can also be used to power up the Wild Rouzer for a powerful slash.


The Chalice Arrow is also among the various Rider Weapons used by Ganbarider in Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbarizing.