This article is about a/an group of monsters in Kamen Rider Kiva.

The Checkmate Four (チェックメイト・フォー Chekkumeito Fō) are the four most powerful members of the Fangire race, each bearing a tattoo of the chess piece they are named after. These four Fangires receive the titles of Rook (ルーク Rūk) the hunter, Bishop (ビショップ Bishoppu) the keeper of Fangire laws, and Queen (クイーン Kuīn) & King (キング Kingu), the rulers of Fangires. In 1986, the Checkmate Four were based in Castle Doran. By 2008, only Bishop and Rook remained as they recruit a new Queen and King.



  • Despite being themed after chess pieces, there was never a position made for the Knight piece, the last of the special pieces, with the rest of the Fangires potentially being referred to as the "pawns". This could be because, in Japan, the number "4" ( Shi) is a homophone with "death" ( Shi), and as such, 4 is considered a unlucky number by many Asian cultures.