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Chiyoko Shiraishi (白石 千世子 Shiraishi Chiyoko) is a character in Kamen Rider OOO and the owner of Cous Coussier.


Chiyoko is kind and cheerful, while a little troublesome as well. She enjoys cosplaying as a method to bring more customers to her restaurant.

Part in Story

She hires Hina due to her having superhuman strength to lift things around the restaurant, and later Eiji, due to him being a world traveler. She also allows Ankh to stay at the restaurant after Eiji told her that he is a foreigner with a horrible childhood. Later, she also hires Shintaro Goto as a waiter. Chiyoko is initially the only recurring character to be unaware of the full scope of the Greeed situation, with Hina and Eiji going to lengths to prevent her from learning of Ankh's true nature and OOO.

However, after considering the seriousness of the situation when Eiji fully transforms into a Greeed and Ankh is nearly destroyed, Hina decides to reveal everything to Chiyoko. Furthermore, Chiyoko strongly resembles Dr. Maki's deceased sister and caused the doctor great stress when he meets her for the first time before her kindness strengthens his resolve to destroy everything.

Prior to the final battle, Chiyoko ends up being Kiyo-chan's new owner.

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