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Contract with the Dragon is the second episode of Kamen Rider: Dragon Knight.


Following Kit's visions of his father, Kit contracts with the Dragon to become Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Although Kit helps Len fight the mirror monsters, Len is angry with Kit for contracting with the dragon. Maya tells Kit she thinks his father's disappearance is connected to the mirror monster attacks.


Escaping the Dragon, Kit and Len get separated. Later, Len finds Kit and again demands he give him the Advent Deck. Sensing a portal opening, Kit and Len race to the rescue of an innocent man. Len transforms and enters Ventara to fight the monster. Kit attempts to transform but can't until a vision of his father instructs him to use the Contract Card. The Dragon appears again and Kit contracts with it, becoming Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. Kit saves Len and uses his Final Vent to destroy the monster. Maya Young, the girl Len saved, tracks Kit down and offers to help him find his father. Kit senses a portal opening and enters Ventara to fight a mirror monster but is attacked by another Kamen Rider.


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  • According to Kit's license, Gramercy Heights takes place in California.

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