This article is about a/an power source in Kamen Rider Fourze.
(RAW) Kamen Rider Fourze - 09 (DivX6.8.4 TQ4 704x396 24fps) -6E6B39A6--(005303)13-47-12-

Cosmic Energy (コズミックエナジー Kozumikku Enajī) is the power of the universe and the source of power of both the Astroswitches and the Zodiarts Switch.

Depending on how Cosmic Energy is channeled and made, it can do a lot of things, from allowing Gentaro and Ryusei to transform into their Rider forms to even healing severe sicknesses and overcoming death itself.

The most powerful Zodiarts Switches and Astroswitches derive their power from the 12 Western Zodiac constellations and the laws of the universe.

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