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This article is about a/an main ally who also is a rider (movie only) in Kamen Rider Wizard.
Shunpei Nara
Gender: Male
Ally Type: Apprentice, Hero (in Magic Land only)
Season: Kamen Rider Wizard
Homeworld: Earth (Main Timeline Continuity)
First Appearance: I Want to Be a Magician
Last Appearance: Kamen Rider × Kamen Rider Gaim & Wizard: The Fateful Sengoku Movie Battle
Number of Episode
50 (Wizard)
3 (movie)
Actor: Junki Tozuka
Kamen Rider Mage

Shunpei Nara (奈良 瞬平 Nara Shunpei?) is the lead supporting protagonist in Kamen Rider Wizard, acting as the apprentice for the lead protagonist, Haruto Soma. He is a young man who wishes to find a great master so he could be a magician. Even though he wants to, he usually cannot help other people.


He has a cheerful and helpful personality, but his clumsiness usually ends up with him stirring up trouble or making problems worse instead. Shunpei has been fascinated with magic since childhood after reading a book called The Forest Wizard, quoting the phrase "Chinchin Pui Pui" from the book in various circumstances, and hoping that he could one day be a mage himself, which is usually ridiculed by those around him for it.

His fascination with magic doesn't end with his lost of magical potential and thus unable to use magic ever. Instead, he continues to be fascinated with magic and vows to be a good assistant to Haruto. As a result, he is usually the one urging Haruto to try out any new rings. His social awkwardness and ineptitude for most part causes him to be treated initially as a mere annoyance to Haruto, but after proving that his earnestness can indeed get things done (even though he might not even be aware of it), Haruto begins to treat him better and would sometimes assign him tasks and has him hang around when going out, even just so that Haruto has a convenient errand boy around when he needs one.


Shunpei first met Haruto as Wizard when the Hellhound attacks him and a group of children. Afterwards, Shunpei tried to get Haruto to make him Haruto's apprentice; but he is turned down. The Hellhound took advantage of the situation by putting up the illusion that Shunpei could summon a torrent of fire. Hellhound then reveals the ruse on public television and forces Shunpei to burn the book causing him to go into despair. Wizard then appears and destroys Hellhound before going into Shunpei's mind to destroy his Inner Phantom, Cyclops. Even though Shunpei no longer has the potential to use magic, he makes himself Haruto's assistant.

Cyclops Phantom

Later, after Haruto receives the green Magic Stone, Shunpei want Haruto to teach him. However, for most part, Shunpei actually doesn't really help anyone. He then help Tetsuya Inagaki to advertise the wagashi. However, they only sell not many. After Valkyrie Phantom take Shunpei as hostage, Tetsuya had no other choice but to destroy the wagashi. Later, Shunpei asked Rinko if he really isn't helpful. However, Rinko say he isn't. When Tetsuya finish hope wagashi and gonna shows it to Shozo Matsuki, the owner of the wagshi shop and is real Gate. However, Valkyrie attacks once again, but Wizard arrives in Hurricane Style. When the hope wagashi will drop into the fountain, Shunpei succeed to grab it. Wizard in Hurricane Dragon style then defeated the Valkyrie Phantom. Haruto then finally know that Shunpei is helpful and really accept him as his apprentice, which makes Shunpei happy.

After Haruto's final battle with Gremlin , Shunpei has become Wajima's apprentice and was seen crafting another Wizard Ring out of a Magic Stone.

Kamen Rider Mage

Main article: Kamen Rider Mage

Shunpei's Magic Land counterpart is one of many people who use Mage's Belt to become Kamen Rider Mage in the movie Kamen Rider Wizard in Magic Land, where anyone can become a magician.

Behind the scenes


Shunpei Nara is portrayed by Junki Tozuka (戸塚 純貴 Tozuka Junki?). As a child, Shunpei is portrayed by Ryusei Shoji (庄司 龍成 Shōji Ryūsei?).

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