This article is about a/an villain in Saban's Masked Rider.
RX Armored Officer Gatezawn
Gender: Male
Series: Masked Rider
Villain Type: General
Homeworld: unknown
First Appearance: A Friend in Need (1)
Last Appearance: The Invasion of Leawood
Number of Episode
3 (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers}
40 (Masked Rider)
Full list of appearances
Actor: Steve Kramer

Cyclopter is a blue robotic biker in a leather jacket, slack, and one red eye on his face. Cyclopter has faced Masked Rider in battle occasionally. He is armed with a laser gun and a powerful motorcycle named Cannon Wheels. His head can detach from his body to float around on its own (this implies that Cyclopter is probably a robot or cyborg). Sometimes, Cyclopter accompanies any monster in the Robot category.

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