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This article is about a/an weapon in Kamen Rider Gaim.
DJ Gun - Standard Mode

DJ Gun

"Hinawa Daidai DJ Ju!"
―Summoning announcement via Kiwami Lockseed[src]
"Lock On! Kachidoki Charge!"
―Standard finisher announcement for Gun Mode[src]
"Lock On! 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000,000, 1,000,000,000,000, Muryodaisu: Kachidoki Charge!"
―Standard finisher announcement for Taiken Mode[src]
"Lock On! Fruits Basket: (Lockseed) Charge!"
―Finisher announcement for Gun Mode with non-Kachidoki Lockseeds[src]
"Lock On! 1, 10, 100, 1,000, 10,000, 100,000,000, 1,000,000,000,000, Fruits Basket: (Lockseed) Charge!"
―Finisher announcement for Taiken Mode with non-Kachidoki Lockseeds[src]
"Soiya! Kiwami Au Lait!"
―Finisher announcement for Taiken Mode via Sengoku Driver[src]

The Hinawa Daidai DJ Ju (火縄大橙DJ銃 Hinawa Daidai Dī Jei Jū?, lit."Matchlock Great Orange DJ Gun"), more commonly referred to as the DJ Gun, is the Armored Rider Arms Weapon granted either by accessing Kachidoki Arms or via the summoning ability of Kiwami Arms. It resembles an updated and futuristic Tanegashima rifle.

By scratching the disk-like DJ Table (DJテーブル Dī Jei Tēburu?) apparatus, Gaim can enhance his shots, which are further subjected by the settings of the DJ Pitch (DJピッチ Dī Jei Pitchi?) switch, which is set at Medium by default, but can also be set at either Low or High. To further enhance the shots, Gaim has to scratch the DJ Table once again, then pull the trigger to show the effect.

  • Low: Cannon-like bursts
  • Medium: Shotgun-like blasts
  • High: Machine gun-like firing speeds

Known Users

  • Armored Rider Gaim
    • Kachidoki Arms (Episodes 23, ToQger Vs. Gaim, Kamen Rider Taisen, 24-26, 28, 30-34, 36-37, Golden Fruits Cup!, 38-39, 41-42, 44-46)
    • Kiwami Arms (Episodes 32-37, Golden Fruits Cup!, 39-41, 46)


The DJ Gun can combine with the Musou Saber for the stronger Taiken Mode (大剣モード Taiken Mōdo?, lit. "Great Sword Mode"), making the Great Orange Blade (大橙刃 (ダイダイジン) Daidaijin?) edge piece appear on the back of what would be the Matchlock Grip (火縄グリップ Hinawa Gurippu?).

The DJ Gun Taiken Mode can also combine with the Daidaimaru to create the even stronger Sojinto Mode (双刃刀モード Sōjintō Mōdo?, lit."Double-Blade Sword Mode"), though this was never shown on-screen and thus is exclusive to the toyline.

Finishing attacks

By inserting a Lockseed into the DJ Gun's Drive Bay (ドライブベイ Doraibu Bei?) and locking it in place, Gaim can perform a Fruits Charge (フルーツチャージ Furūtsu Chāji?) finishing attack.

  • Gun Mode
    • Kachidoki Charge (カチドキチャージ Kachidoki Chāji?, lit. "Triumph Charge"): By locking the Kachidoki Lockseed, Gaim fires a large ball of energy at the enemy.
    • Fruits Basket Charge (フルーツバスケットチャージ Furūtsu Basuketto Chāji?): By locking a normal Lockseed while in Kiwami Arms, Gaim fires a powerful blast surrounded by a projection of multiple fruits at the enemy, which envelopes and soon destroys the target.
      • Ichigo Charge (イチゴチャージ Ichigo Chāji?, lit. "Strawberry Charge")
      • Pine Charge (パインチャージ Pain Chāji?, short for "Pineapple Charge")
      • Orange Charge (オレンジチャージ Orenji Chāji?)
  • Taiken Mode
    • Kachidoki Charge (カチドキチャージ Kachidoki Chāji?, lit. "Triumph Charge"): By locking the Kachidoki Lockseed, Gaim can execute the Hinawa Daidai Musou Zan (火縄大橙無双斬 Hinawa Daidai Musō Zan?, lit. "Matchlock Great Orange Unrivaled Slash"), where he ignites the blade in flames before unleashing a powerful slash on the enemy. In Kiwami Arms, Gaim performs this attack using the Sengoku Driver's Au Lait function, where the ignited blade gains an aura which displays images of fruit that Kiwami Arms can use for their respective Arms Weapons.

Kachidoki Arms

Kiwami Arms


  • This is the second Arms Weapon to be a gun, with the first being the Budou Ryuhou.
  • The DJ Gun is the first instance in the Kamen Rider series of a shotgun being used as a Rider weapon. Previous Riders have used either handguns, Gatling guns, cannons, lasers, or blasters.
  • The DJ Gun has the same nickname as DJ Sagara, the creator of the Kachidoki Lockseed and, by extension, the weapon itself.
  • The DJ Gun is the third weapon to include a slot for a Lockseed to be inserted in order to execute a finishing attack, with the first two being the Musou Saber and Sonic Arrow.
    • However, of the three Lockseed slot weapons, this is the only one to be an Arms Weapon, as the Musou Saber and Sonic Arrow are both considered side weapons.
  • The DJ Gun is somewhat similar to the Shining Caliber wielded by Kamen Rider Agito, as it is first wielded by the Rider's Super Form and also wielded by the Final Form. However, while the Shining Caliber has different modes for the two forms, the DJ Gun only has one mode by itself, discounting its combination with the Musou Saber.

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