This article is about a/an location in Kamen Rider Ghost.

The Daitenku Temple (大天空寺 Daitenkūji, lit. Great Sky Temple) is a monastery with a basement-based research laboratory for Kamen Rider Ghost's allies (namely Sennin) to live in. [1]

After the first few Gamma attacks, Onari decides to make the temple into a paranormal investigations office, Mysterious Phenomenon Institute, to better aid in Takeru's quest to find the Ghost Eyecons and stop the Gamma by having citizens around the city report strange events to them.



  • The Daitenku Temple is named after the Tenkuji family.
  • The Daitenku Temple is in actuality the Kōgon-ji Temple, a temple in Shimotakase, Tomioka, Gunma Prefecture.
    • By coincidence, "Gunma" sounds similar to the Gamma, the main villains of Kamen Rider Ghost.


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