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Deathgaron (デスガロン Desugaron) is a humanoid insect robot sent after Kohtaro to keep him from finding Hitomi Sahara, who was kidnapped by Maribaron. He is equipped with a ray gun, a pair of bladed boomerangs stored in the shoulders, can fire energy beams from the forehead, and can charge his punches with energy. RX Finds a Red button on the left side of his chest and uses to enter the Desert of Death to go after Maribaron. As a result, Deathgaron is attacked by Triplon before he offers his services to Maribaron in return for redemption. However, Deathgaron is deceived and ends up being sealed up with RX as he kills off a replica of Hitomi placed there. This in turn causes RX to transform into RoboRider, breaking out of the sealed room and using his Vortech Shooter to heavily damage Deathgaron. Before he died from his injuries, Deathgaron revealed that Hitomi is still alive and with Maribaron.

He returned in Kamen Rider BLACK RX: Running Around the World to assist Musalabisala, United Triplon and Gynagiskhan in their attack on Kohtaro. In it he is given a bazooka. Kamen Rider Black RX destroyed him with the Revolcane.


  • Deathgaron's colours and design bear a resemblance to Shadow Moon.

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