This article is about a/an group of henchmen in Kamen Rider Stronger.
Delza Army Corps
Gender: Male
Series: Kamen Rider Stronger
Villain Type: Foot Soldier
Affiliation: Delza Army
Homeworld: Earth
First Appearance: Remodelled Majin! The Delza Army Appears!!
Last Appearance: Goodbye! The Glorious Seven Riders!
Number of Episode
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Delza Army Corps (デルザー軍団戦闘員 Deruzā Gundan Sentōin, 26-39): The foot soldiers of the Delza Army. Each foot soldier wears a different mask and uses different powers depending on the one who leads them.


Staff Officer Picture Ability
Staff Officer Steel

Staff Officer Steel Troopers

Using chain as weapon
Division Commander Wild Eagle
Delza Army Corps Division Eagle

Division Commander Wild Eagle Troopers

Doctor Kate
Delza Army Corps Doctor Kate

Doctor Kate Troopers

Major Skull
Delza Army Corps Major Skull

Major Skull Troopers

Spying, turn invisible
Baron Rock
Delza Army Corps Baron Rock

Baron Rock Troopers

Transforming into rock
General Wolf
Delza Army Corps General Wolf

Wolf Troopers

Using spear as weapon, turn invisible
Commanding Officer Brank
Delza Army Corps Brank

Commanding Officer Brank Troopers

Using firearm weapons
Snake Woman
Delza Army Corps Snake Woman

Snake Woman Troopers

Transforming into snakes
Marshal Machine
Delza Army Corps Marshal Machine

Marshal Machine Troopers

Using firearm weapons
Commander Jishaku
Delza Army Corps Commander Jishaku

Commander Jishaku Troopers

Using magnet as weapon
Armored Knight
Delza Army Corps Armored Knight

Armored Knight Troopers


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