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Den-O Belt

"Sword/Rod/Ax/Gun/Wing Form!"
―Transformation announcement[src]

"Full Charge!"
―Finisher announcement[src]

The Den-O Belt (デンオウベルト Den'ō Beruto) is Kamen Rider Den-O's means of transformation. It is affixed with a device known as the SetTouch (セタッチ Setacchi) in the Terminal Buckle (ターミナルバックル Tāminaru Bakkuru), which can read a Rider Pass (ライダーパス Raidā Pasu) and recognize the Imagin user. When the Rider Pass is swiped across the SetTouch, a transformation along with multiple form changes can occur. The belt has four buttons (red, blue, yellow, purple), each activating a specific form (Sword, Rod, Axe, Gun), known as the Form Switch (フォームスイッチ Fōmu Suicchi). It is also used to activate the primary finisher, Full Charge (フルチャージ Furu Chāji). The other version of this device, known as the Wing Buckle (ウイングバックル Uingu Bakkuru), is affixed with a gold winged plate where the Terminal Buckle would normally be, used by Sieg; it allows for the Wing Form transformation.

An Imagin can use the Den-O Belt to transform to their specific Rider Form provided they do not need a host (meaning they have a physical form) and have a belt and pass available.

Change System: Plat Form is activated by swiping the Rider Pass over the SetTouch, similar to the suica system. Succeeding form changes are activated by pressing the corresponding button and swiping the Rider Pass over the SetTouch. Alternatively, transformations into the alternate forms can be achieved by pressing the corresponding button first, and then swiping the Rider Pass. The only exceptions are Wing Form, in which an alternate version of the Den-O Belt is required; Climax Form, when the K-Taros Cell is attached to the Den-O Belt; and Liner Form, where the Rider Pass must be inserted into the back of the DenKamen Sword instead.

To perform Finishers, Riders simply need to swipe the pass over the SetTouch in Rider Form once again. The Belt announces FULL CHARGE and powers the Rider up for his finisher. In Climax form, these are changed to CHARGE AND UP finishers.

New Den-O Belt

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