This article is about a/an villainous grouping in Kamen Rider V3.

The Destron Science Legionnaires specialize in the study and implementation of cutting-edge science in order to further the Destron cause. Their main activities focus on the creation and improvement of their hideous cybernetic mutants (formed with humans, plants, animals, and machinery), as well as the development of new murderous weapons of personal and mass destruction. Their true identities seem to be largely shrouded in mystery (although they are not clones), but among the handfuls who had successfully defected and fleed from Destron's grip, it was found that they were a mixture of kidnapped scientists, and those civilians sympathetic to Destron.

The High Destron places great emphasis and devotion towards the study of these sciences, and had been 'collecting' and inducting brilliant minds from the far corners of the world, to enable Destron to expand it's vast academic wisdom. Many times they would utilize this 'acquired' knowledge in a twisted manner, with horrifying results for humanity.

At the peak of Destron's reign, the Science Legionnaires numbered over 1,500 world-wide. Conversely, the Gelshocker Science Legionnaires numbered 1,000, and Shocker Science Legionnaires numbered a mere 100.

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