This article is about a/an kaijin in Kamen Rider Amazon.
Diving Beetle Beastman
Episodes: Garander's Tokyo Sea of Flames Operation!! (Movie)
Season: Kamen Rider Amazon
Height: 250 cm
Weight: 160 kg
Actors: Kazuo Hayashi (Voice)
Mitsuo Ando (Human Form)

Diving Beetle Beastman (ゲンゴロウ獣人 Gengorō Jūjin, 16/Movie) - A predaceous diving beetle monster who took the form of a peddler (行商人 Gyōshōnin).

Character History

He was destroyed by Kamen Rider Amazon's Big Slice. Garander's Tokyo Sea of Flames Operation!!


In addition to his human disguise he is equipped with beetle bombs, can teleport, and has a pincer claw for each hand.

Behind the scenes


The Diving Beetle Beastman was voiced by Kazuo Hayashi (林一夫 Hayashi Kazuo). As a peddler, he was portrayed by Mitsuo Ando (安藤三男 Andō Mitsuo).

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