This article is about a/an episode in Kamen Rider Super-1.
Dogma Equation, the Living Computer
Kamen Rider Super-1, Episode 7
Kr Super-1 07
Air date November 28, 1980
Written by Kyōko Sagiyama
Directed by Takaharu Saeki
Episode Guide
Help, The Lovers of the Spider's Nest Mansion
Fight, Kazuya! Dogma's Trial of Death

Dogma Equation, the Living Computer (ドグマ式生きているコンピューター Doguma Shiki Ikiteiru Konpyūtā) is the seventh episode of Kamen Rider Super-1.


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One of the scientist is played by Kou Ikeda better known as the singer of the original Gundam opening Tobe! Gundam and also known for doing King Record covers of Kamen Rider songs back in the 70s

DVD Release

Super-1 DVD Vol 1

Kamen Rider Super-1 Volume 1, DVD cover.

Kamen Rider Super-1 Volume 1 features episodes 1-12.[1]


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