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Dokugandar (Caterpillar Form) (ドクガンダー Dokugandā, 20 & Rider vs Shocker) – A caterpillar monster. Can breathe explosive gas and also assume the human appearance of a gentleman with a black tophat and coat. His personal emblems, worn on his soldiers' masks, are a caterpillar and a moth. Capable of spewing mouth webs that form his cocoon. Dokugandar could not keep up with Kamen Rider #2 in direct combat and was defeated by Kamen Rider #2's Rider Kick. Rider #2 saw a white shell emerging from the river afterwards, and assumed Dokugandar had died. A second Dokugandar in Caterpillar form made a brief appearance in the monster army of the Kamen Rider vs. Shocker movie, but did not actually have an active participation in the movie.

  • Dokugandar's Imago Form (21, Rider vs Shocker) - Dokugandar's moth monster form. The form Dokugandar took after breaking from its white cocoon. Flight capable, able to release explosive blasts from his fingers, and also recreate the cocoon using mouth webs. His human form was remodeled to match the dead Professor Koizumi (小泉教授 Koizumi Kyouju). Dokugandar captured and forced the real Koizumi's research partner, assistant professor Yoshioka (吉岡助教授 Yoshioka Jukyouju) to help with his studies of cocoons, accelerating the creation of an army of Dokugandars for Shocker. However, Yoshioka sabotaged the experiment. Even in his new form and using various hostages, Dokugandar was no match for Kamen Rider #2. He was destroyed by Kamen Rider #2's Rider Kick. The explosion created by the attack destroyed Dokugandar's entire base alongside it. Dokugandar would return later in the movie Kamen Rider vs. Shocker. He helped a kidnapping operation proceed smoothly, but was left behind alone, fighting Kamen Rider #1 and Kamen Rider #2. He was finally destroyed by Kamen Rider #1's and Kamen Rider #2's combined attacks.

Video game appearances

Kamen Rider Club

Dokugandar appears among the monsters of Shocker which is fought by the six Kamen Riders 1, 2, V3, X, Amazon, and Stronger in Kamen Rider Club.

Behind the scenes


Dokugandar was voiced by Mahito Tsujimura (辻村 真人 Tsujimura Mahito).