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Dororingo (ドロリンゴ Dororingo, 48): A mud apple mollusca monster from Neo-Shocker's Philippines branch located in Mindanao.


Transforming into the Fake Skyriders, Dororingo objective is to discredit Skyrider's heroic actions and turn all of Japan against him. He is destroyed by combination of Horizontal Spin Chop and Skyrider's Sky Kick.



Skyrider vs three fake Skyriders.

Though he looks physically useless he has clone-generating powers with the ability to turn into three separate Fake Skyriders (ニセスカイライダー Nise Sukairaidā), who wear yellow scarves and yellow boots in contrast to Skyrider's red scarf and black boots. They can be combined into one to increase combat power. In his normal slime form, he can teleport, fly into the air to attack, and absorb physical attacks by turning the area of impact into green adhesive slime. When stuck to his body he can try to disintegrate his enemies entirely. He also throws explosive ice-cream cones.

Behind the scenes


Dororingo was voiced by Ritsuo Sawa (沢 りつお Sawa Ritsuo), his natural form and the Fake Skyriders were portrayed by unidentified suit actors.


  • The Fake Skyriders' distinguishing feature from the original being a yellow scarf and boots pays homage to the original fake Rider, Shocker Rider Number 1.