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This article is about a/an group of villians in Kamen Rider W.
Kamen Rider W
Exe members
Led by: Shiro Endo
Generals and other Notable Members:
Monster Types: Dopants
Battled: Kamen Rider Double
Chronological/Production Order

EXE (エグゼ Eguze) is a gang of teenagers that starts causing trouble in Futo a year after the dissolution of the Museum. They claim to be the successors to the Museum's Gaia Memory business, and look throughout Futo for any Gaia Memories that remain. They were arrested after their leader's defeat by Kamen Rider Double. Goodbye to the E/A Bouquet of Justice to This City


Shiro Endo

A co-leader for EXE, Shiro Endo (遠藤 士郎 Endō Shirō) possesses the Edge Memory (エッジメモリ Ejji Memori). He pursues Yui's brother Akira to acquire the Ocean Memory (オーシャンメモリ Ōshan Memori). However, Shiro's posse are defeated and his Gaia Memory destroyed by Kamen Rider Joker before he could use it to transform into a Dopant.

Shiro Endo is portrayed by Shōhei Nanba (南羽 翔平 Nanba Shōhei).


Main article: Energy

A nameless pet shop employee (ペットショップの店員 petto shoppu no ten'in) working under Santa-chan, who goes by the alias of "Energy" (エナジー Enajī) is the leader of EXE. It is only after the members of his group are arrested that Energy reveals himself as he attempts to kill Shotaro for meddling in his affairs. As the Energy Dopant (エナジー・ドーパント Enajī Dōpanto), he is able to fire blasts of electromagnetic energy as well as use his left arm like a rail gun. He is defeated when Philip returns and joins with Shotaro to become Kamen Rider Double CycloneJoker once more, destroying the Energy Memory through the Joker Extreme Maximum Drive.

The pet shop employee is portrayed by Tomu Suetaka (末高 斗夢 Suetaka Tomu).

Other members

In addition to Shiro Endo and "Energy", there are three other members of EXE who fight Shotaro. They are nicknamed after the first word of the Gaia Memory they possess.


Main article: A

A member of EXE, known as "A" (A(エー) Ē), possesses the second Anomalocaris Memory (アノマロカリスメモリ Anomarokarisu Memori). He transformed into the Anomalocaris Dopant (アノマロカリス・ドーパント Anomarokarisu Dōpanto) to fight Shotaro as Kamen Rider Joker, though easily defeated by his Rider Punch.

"A" is portrayed by Ryuusuke Ito (伊藤 竜翼 Itou Ryūsuke).


Main article: C

A member of EXE, known as "C" (C(シー) Shī), possesses the second Cockroach Memory (コックローチメモリ Anomarokarisu Memori). He transformed into the Cockroach Dopant (コックローチ・ドーパント Kokkurōchi Dōpanto) to fight Shotaro as Kamen Rider Joker, though easily defeated by his Rider Kick.

"C" is portrayed by Naofumi Kaneko (金子 直史 Kaneko Naofumi).


Main article: O

A member of EXE, known as "O" (O(オー) Ō), who was supposed to be given the Ocean Memory (オーシャンメモリ Ōshan Memori), which was taken by Shiro from Akira. Like Shiro, He had the ability to transform into a Dopant. However, his Gaia Memory is destroyed by Kamen Rider Joker before he could use it.

"O" is portrayed by Koki Matsumoto (松本 光希 Matsumoto Kōki).


  • It is hinted that all members of EXE don't possess Living Connectors, as all the member are shown transforming into Dopants without them. In addition to this is the pressing fact that it is impossible to find the L.C.O.G after the destruction of Museum.

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