This article is about a/an group of allies in the film Kamen Rider J.

The Earth Spirits (地空人 Chikūjin) intervene and resurrect Kouji with the sacred energy known as J Power.


After being killed, Kouji Segawa was found by Berry and taken to a special room underground to be resurrected and converted into a mystical cyborg by the Earth Spirits. Upon completion, the Female Earth Spirit bestowed a mystical crystal upon Kouji's body which became part of his J-Spirit belt. The two exposit to Kouji once he awakens that he is now the chosen J Power Warrior, Kamen Rider J, a champion who defends all life on Earth with the holy J Power to defeat the Fog. Kouji was chosen because of his compassionate love and desire to protect the Earth's lifeforms.

Kouji seems to think there has been some mistake and asks why they do not fight the Fog themselves. The Earth Spirits reveal that they cannot leave the bowels of the Earth as they cannot endure the light of the Sun and are rooted to the ground. They send Berry off with Kouji to fulfill his mission. During the final battle against Fog Mother, the Earth Spirits give their life power to J so he could assume Jumbo Formation.