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Eight Kirino (霧野 エイト Kirino Eito) is a genius programmer and a former patient of Hiiro Kagami. He is the creator of the Chou Super Hero Taisen game, and resides in the Game World of said game for the most part.


Born without emotions, Eight was later infected with a mysterious disease which slowly digitized his body. After Hiiro Kagami's return from America, Eight was immediately assigned as his patient. As Eight refused to be operated on, Hiiro left him alone as he worked on the Chou Super Hero Taisen game. A while later, Hiiro stumbled upon Eight being absorbed into the game world of the game Eight had created himself.

Lacking emotions, he was unable to find anything in the real world interesting. Thus, he sought to destroy it via the bonus Chou Shocker Taisen stage hidden within the game, as he felt it wouldn't matter if the real world was destroyed.

As Emu, Poppy, and Naga RayIcon-crosswiki tried to persuade Eight to return to the real world, Hiiro severed the link between the game world and reality so as to end the game, but leaving a small fragment of the link behind, enough for Eight to return to reality. After which, Eight learnt to feel for the first time in his life, finally smiling after Emu promised him that he will always have the game by his side.

Behind the Scenes


  • Eight Kirino is played by Riku Ōnishi (大西 利空 Ōnishi Riku).