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Eita Kawai (河合栄多 Kawai Eita) is a researcher of the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics and a member of Faust who was turned into the Press Smash Hazard (プレススマッシュハザード Puresu Sumasshu Hazādo) by Blood Stalk.

Character History

He worked with Sento Kiryu and Shingo Kuwata at the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics, he and Shingo secretly being in league with Faust.

When Shingo became the Flying Smash to distract Sento, Eita lowered security to allow Blood Stalk and Faust Guardians to infiltrate the Institute and steal the Pandora Box. The Trap of Project Build He volunteered to be the one to hold Ryuga Banjo back, and Stalk turned him into the Press Smash Hazard with Devil Steam to accomplish this. However, Ryuga used the power from the Dragon Bottle to beat him down.

He was later encountered by Stalk again, who used the Cobra Steam Break to defeat him and extracted his Smash essence. As Sento arrived, Eita accused Stalk of being Takumi Katsuragi, who could've easily faked his own death. Intrigued by the claim, Stalk used his abilities to painfully mold Eita's face to look like Shingo's, leaving him unconscious. Technology of Destruction

Behind the Scenes


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