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This article is about a/an item in Kamen Rider Ex-Aid.
Energy item list

Initial list of Energy Items

Energy Items (エナジーアイテム Enajī Aitemu) are medal-like power up items created by Game Areas, whenever any person activates a Rider Gashat, and are hidden in certain places in the Game Area. When Ex-Aid collects one, he says "Item Get" (アイテムゲット Aitemu Getto).

List of Items

KREA-Speeding-Up Energy Item


Speeding-Up (高速化 Kōsoku-ka): A yellow medal that depicts a Rider running. Its code is EI001. It gives its user superhuman speed. Ex-Aid used it for high speed running; Brave used it for slow motion drifting; and Para-DX used it to speed over to his enemy and then stop to attack them, also seeming to let him move normally while the world around him has slowed down.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 1, 2, 6, 15-23

KREA-Iron-Body Energy Item


Iron-Body (鋼鉄化 Kōtetsu-ka): A gray medal that depicts a Rider with a sword breaking while attempting to hit them. Its code is EI002. It turns its user's body into metal, making them bulletproof.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 3, 6, 15-21, 23

KREA-Instigate Energy Item


Instigate (挑発 Chōhatsu): An orange medal that depicts a Rider waving a finger as if motioning to another to "come at me". Its code is EI003. It lets its user draw the attention of an enemy and encourages them to attack. It may also prevent the enemy from noticing other things happening in the battlefield, however obvious they may be.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 4, 15-23

KREA-High-Jump Energy Item


High-Jump (ジャンプ強化 Janpu Kyō-ka): A blue medal that depicts a Rider jumping. Its code is EI004. It lets its user leap high into the air.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 4, 15-23

KREA-Muscular Energy Item


Muscular (マッスル化 Massuru-ka): A red medal that depicts a Rider flexing a muscular arm. Its code is EI005. It gives its user a boost of raw physical and attack strength.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 5, 9, 15-23

KREA-Shrink Energy Item


Shrink (縮小化 Shukushō-ka): A tan medal that depicts a Rider shrinking. Its code is EI007. It gives its user the power to shrink a person (themself or someone else) or an object.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episodes 8, 15-20, 22

KREA-Emission Energy Item


Emission (発光 Hakkō): A violet medal that depicts a Rider giving off a bright light. Its code is EI012.

Appearances: Heisei Generations, Ex-Aid Episode 15-21

KREA-Christmas Energy Item


Christmas (クリスマス Kurisumasu): A lime green medal that depicts a Rider in a Santa hat giving away a present. Its code is EI011. It gives its user a Santa Claus-like appearance, generates snow in a Game Area for a brief period, and adorns Gamers in Christmas decorations. Riders also receive a small boost in power, as a Level 1 Ex-Aid could battle a Level 3 Bugster without much difficulty. It was described by Emu as an "Event Item", meaning it only appears on Christmas.

The toy of this Energy Item is only available when a customer purchases a Chara Deco Cake from the Bandai Premium website.

This item is exclusive to Ex-Aid Episode 12.

KREA-Stretch Energy Item


Stretch (伸縮化 Shinshuku-ka): A pale red medal that depicts a Rider with an incredibly long arm. Its code is EI016. It enables the user to stretch or warp any part of their body, seemingly without limit.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 15-21

KREA-Invisible Energy Item


Invisible (透明化 Tōmei-ka): A light blue medal that depicts a Rider being faded clear against a backdrop. Its code is EI009. It allows its user to turn invisible.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 15-23

KREA-Confusion Energy Item


Confusion (混乱 Konran): A purple medal that depicts a Rider with starred eyes and question marks floating around their head. Its code is EI010. It makes its user confused and act erratically, such as crashing into things and attacking their allies. It is the first Energy Item used in the series with a negative effect on the user.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 15-23

KREA-Recover Energy Item


Recover (回復 Kaifuku): A silver medal that depicts a Rider standing tall and flexing as if with a new surge of energy. Its code is EI006. It seems to clear the user of status effects and give them more energy to keep fighting. As Para-DX used two, it doesn't seem to be a full heal, or its effectiveness may scale counter to the Level of the Rider using it.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 15-23

KREA-Reverse Energy Item


Reverse (逆転 Gyakuten): An indigo medal that depicts curved arrows pointing between a flexing black Rider above and an X-eyed white Rider below the centerline. Its code is EI019. It has the effect of "reversing" the tide of the user's battle. For example, a user running low on energy will find themselves revitalized while their opponents are weakened.[1]

Appearances: Chou Super Hero Taisen, Ex-Aid Episode TBA

KREA-Giant Energy Item


Giant (巨大化 Kyodai-ka): A green medal that depicts a Rider growing to giant size. Its code is EI008. It makes its user grow to giant sizes.

Using this energy item allows Ex-Aid Mighty Maximum Gamer Level 99 to be as tall as KyurenOhIcon-crosswiki. [2]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 15-22, Chou Super Hero Taisen

KREA-Separation Energy Item


Separation (分身 Bunshin): A magenta medal that depicts two faded copies splitting off of a Rider. Its code is EI014. It lets its user split into several identical copies that make the same motions at the same time. The strengths of attacks made while using this Item are multiplied by the number of copies.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 15-21, 24

KREA-Reflect Energy Item


Reflect (反射 Hansha): A dark violet medal that depicts an arrow shape bouncing off of a Rider's chest. Its code is EI018.[1] It projects a shield that reflects an opponent's attack back at them.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 27

KREA-Liquefaction Energy Item


Liquefaction (液状化 Ekijō-ka): A green medal that depicts a dark puddle with Rider eyes. Its code is EI013.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 15-21

KREA-Dark Energy Item


Dark (暗黒 Ankoku): A dark gray medal that depicts a Rider in partial darkness. Its code is EI015.

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode 15-18, 20-21

KREA-Sleep Energy Item


Sleep (睡眠 Suimin): A purple medal that depicts a Rider falling asleep. Its code is EI017.[1]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode TBA

KREA-Senior Energy Item


Senior (先輩 Senpai): Evoking the Heisei Era Riders, this silver medal depicts a Rider reaching forward with the icons of the Heisei Riders (clockwise from Ghost-Kuuga) surrounding him. Its code is EI020.[1]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode TBA

KREA-Fortune Energy Item


Fortune (幸運 Kōun): A lime green medal that depicts a Rider holding a 4-leaf clover. Its code is EI021.[1]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode TBA

KREA-Flatten Energy Item


Flatten (平面化 Heimen-ka): A dark purple medal that depicts a Rider flattened paper-thin and waving as if in wind. Its code is EI022.[1]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode TBA



Balloon-Body (風船化 Fūsen-ka): A light green medal that depicts a Rider inflated into a ball. Its code is unknown.[1]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode TBA



Gag (ギャグ Gyagu): A dark indigo medal that depicts a Rider with a bow-tie standing in front of a microphone, looking perhaps surprised or embarrassed. Its code is unknown.[1]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode TBA

KREA-Memory Energy Item


Memory (記憶 Kioku): Evoking Kamen Rider W, this bright light green medal, its color shared by the Cyclone Memory, depicts a Rider surrounded by bookshelves, reminiscent of Philip in the Gaia Library. Its code is EI025.[1]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode TBA

KREA-Desire Energy Item


Desire (欲望 Yokubō): Evoking Kamen Rider OOO, this light bronze medal depicts a Rider reaching out his arm as if to throw a Core Medal as Ankh did for Eiji Hino while bearing the outline of the Taka Medal. Its code is EI026.[1]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode TBA

KREA-Friendship Energy Item


Friendship (友情 Yūjō): Evoking Kamen Rider Fourze, this blue medal depicts a Rider reaching out for a hand shake, matching the personality of Gentaro Kisaragi. Its code is EI027.[1]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode TBA

KREA-Veteran Energy Item


Veteran (大先輩 Daisenpai): Evoking the Showa Era Riders, this silver medal depicts a Rider reaching forward with the icons of the Showa Riders (counter-clockwise from Ichigo-Black) surrounding him. Its code is EI028.[1]

Appearances: Ex-Aid Episode TBA

Mirror Energy Item


Mirror ( Kagami): A cyan energy item that depicts a Rider pointing to its face while looking in a mirror.

Appearances: Kamen Rider Ex-Aid "Tricks": Kamen Rider Lazer

KREA-Ex-Aid Energy Item


Ex-Aid: A green medal featuring Kamen Rider Ex-Aid's Kick. Its code is PR001. Although it shows a kick, it seems to increase both the kicking and punching power of a Rider.

This item is exclusive to Kamen Rider Ghost: The 100 Eyecons and Ghost's Fateful Moment.

KREA-Ghost x Ex-Aid Energy Item

Ghost x Ex-Aid

Ghost x Ex-Aid: A green medal featuring Kamen Riders Ghost and Ex-Aid in a dual Rider Kick. Its code is PR006. It became the Ex-Aid Ghost Eyecon when Ex-Aid left it with Takeru as a gift. Final Story (Special Edition): Future! Connected Thoughts!

This item is exclusive to Ghost Episode 50.


EI Boxes

Chocolate blocks, treasure chests and metallic drums.

Depending on which games and corresponding Gashats are used, Energy Items that are generated can be hidden in various container items, though not every container has one:

So far, Gashats used to access Level 3 or Level 5 forms have not been seen to generate any Energy Items, simply generating a Gamer instead. However, there are a few special cases:

  • Dangerous Zombie / Taddle Fantasy: Rather than generating Energy Items, this game generates Bugster Viruses instead. This is likely due to the player character being a villain.
  • Perfect Puzzle: Energy Items are generated in the open instead of being hidden by default. It can also turn all Item containers from other games into Energy Items.

Since the debut of Kamen Rider Para-DX and his first usage of Perfect Puzzle's power, the Energy Items are kept revealed by default, all Gashats thereafter spawning only loose Items without containers. However, the Kyuranger crossover episode featured a Chocolate Block prop in the background.




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