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Enter Stronger; Two Riders vs. Two Formidable Monsters (ストロンガー登場2人ライダー対強敵2怪人 Sutorongā Tōjō Futari Raidā Tai Kyōteki Ni Kaijin) is the twenty-first episode of Kamen Rider (Skyrider). Following his appearance in the previous episode, it features Skyrider teaming up with Kamen Rider Stronger, marking the first time Skyrider fights with one of his seven predecessor Kamen Riders.


Kamen Rider Stronger assists Skyrider in learning a new, more powerful move to defeat the powerful duo of Kurageron and Sai Dump.


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  • Kamen Rider performs Super Electro Drill Kick against Kurageron without changing into his Charge Up form.


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DVD Release

Skyrider DVD Vol 2

Skyrider Volume 2, DVD cover.

Skyrider Volume 2 features episodes 13-24.[1]


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